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User can work with multilingual fields in accordance with his role rights that are predefined by the administrator.

The possible values of the Enum and Multi-Enum fields are specified for each language by the administrator. For the Enum fields the default values, assigned by the administrator, are displayed, and for the Multi-Enum fields, users can select the desired options from the existing values:

ML enum, multi-enum

For the fields of the Text, Varchar, and Wysiwyg types, the additional input fields are displayed in accordance with the layout configuration for all languages that have been activated in the module settings:

ML text, varchar, wysiwyg

Multilingual Attributes

In addition to operating with multilingual fields, installing AtroPIM on your system will allow you to make attributes of the Boolean, Enum, Multi-Enum, Text, Varchar, and Wysiwyg type multilingual – there is the Multi-Language checkbox on their detail view pages:

ML attribute

To create a multilingual attribute, select the Multi-Language checkbox and fill in the required multilingual fields for all active locales:

ML boolean

When a multilingual attribute is linked to a product record, the value of its main locale is displayed on the PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES panel within the product detail view page:

Product attribute ML

To edit the given attribute's locale values, use the Edit option from its single record actions menu and make the desired changes in the pop-up that appears:

ML attribute editing

Alternatively, use the View option from its single record actions menu and click the Edit button in the quick detail pop-up.

Multilingual Fields and Attributes Filtering

If AtroPIM is installed to your system, additional options are added to the locales filtering menu on the product detail view page:

Locale filter

Select the desired locale option to filter the product data display accordingly.

Please, note that once a locale filter is applied, the PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES panel contains multilingual attributes of the given locale only.

Leave the Show Generic Fields checkbox selected to have the main multilingual field displayed as well or remove its selection to have only locale multilingual fields displayed.