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The “Discussions” module enables the discussions in the activity panel (stream) for each entity in the system. All posts within a discussion are automatically grouped together so that you can specifically discuss a certain topic without being rejected by other posts.

After you have installed the module, the Discussion button appears in the stream next to thePost button. You can have more than one discussion for a dataset.

Create a discussion

To start a new discussion, enter the message and click on the Discussion button.


The new discussion is created. This is automatically given a colored background. The color for the background is chosen randomly.


The discussion can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the links Collapse Discussion orExpand Discussion.


To enter a new post in the discussion, enter the message and click on the Post button. As with normal messages, you can also upload files. If it is an image, a preview image will be displayed for it directly in the message. You can also mention other users in the messages by using the symbol “@” and the user login or name, e.g. “@admin”. You can also use Markdown in the posts. Click on the information icon on the right below the input field to see how you can use Markdown syntax.