LDAP authentication

The LDAP module allows you to control AtroCore users via your own LDAP server. AtroCore always create user records, so If a new user is added via LDAP, a new record for this user will be created in AtroCore software autoamatically. For the new users a default role and a default team is assigned. Thease can still be changed via AtroCore Administration.

Users can login via credentials, stored on the LDAP server or with their login and password.

Administrator Functions

After the module is installed, a new LDAP panel is added in "Adminitration / Authentification". LDAP Authentification should be activated. After it you will be able to configure the connection to your LDAP Server.

ldap setting

To connect to your ldap server you have to set it up in the settings menu. You can find all the information you need in your ldap server configuration. The ldap server used for demo is ldap test server. For more information please visit: https://www.forumsys.com/2022/05/10/online-ldap-test-server/.

ldap advanced setting

  • Host – LDAP IP or host name of your ldap server.
  • Port – connection port of your ldap server. The port on which your directory server is listening.
  • Bind DN - The distinguished name (DN) of the user that the application will use when connecting to the directory server. This recommended as an admin user with read-only mode, so it can search all your ldap users but not modify them.
  • Password – the password of an admin user to get access to the LDAP server.
  • Security – you can choose SSL or TSL protocol.
  • Base - the default base DN which is used for searching users. On the demo it belongs to example.com.
  • Filter - the filter whichis used to select LDAP users who should be able to login into AtroCore software.

Then you can test connection by clicking Test Connection button. If all is good, you will see Connected in the pop-up.

LDAP Filter Queries

In the field Filter you can define any filter how to select LDAP users from your LDAP server. The standard LDAP query syntax is to be used. Please refer to some examples here:

Field Mapping

Here you can specify field mapping rules which are applied to user records in the AtroCore software. Here you can define, which LDAP field value should be written to which User fields, eg value in LDAP field "name" can be written as "Surname" for the user account.

The information is updated automatically each time the user logins in.

field mapping

You can select any field from user profile to be updated. Just select a field in your system and a correspondent field of your ldap server.

field mapping menu

Please note, you will be able to select any field on ldap because they can be custom, but validation can fail. So, please, use it wisely.

Logging in by a user

To log in the user should use the Username (in blue square) and Password (in green square) stored on the LDAP Server.

user login menu

After a User logs in for a first time a new user record for him is created in the AtroCore software (see "Administration / Users"). Default role (in green square) and Team (in blue square) are assigned to this user by default. Both can be changed by the AtroCore Administrator.

team and role

base team and role