The "Revisions" module provides users with the ability to easily work with the change history: view the field and attribute value changes history in the pop-up and restore previous values from the change history.

Administrator Functions

After the "Revisions" module is installed, users will be able to see the change history of audited fields and restore these changes.

Field Configuration

To enable storage of the change history for a particular field, perform the following actions:

  1. Open the fields list of the desired entity in the Entity Manager and select the field in the "Name" column:

Edit Entity Fields

  1. On the field detail view page that opens, activate the Audited checkbox and save the field changes to enable its updates logging:

Edit Entity Fields Audited

Stream Configuration

For reviewing the changes in the Stream on the entity record page, Stream must be activated for the desired entity settings. To open the entity settings page, click Edit for the desired entity record in the Entity Manager:

Enable stream

Removing a Record from the Stream

Administrator only has access to the single record actions for change history records displayed in the Stream.

To remove a change log entry, select this record in the Stream and select the Remove option from its single record actions list:

Remove From Stream

Beware that this action is irreversible.

After removing the entry from the Stream, it also disappears from the change history pop-up.

Restoring Values from the Stream

Select the desired change in the stream and select the Restore option from its single record actions list:

Restore in the stream

Confirm your decision by pressing the Restore button in the pop-up warning that appears:

Restore warning

The revert itself is logged similarly to manual changing of this field, i.e. a new change entry is added to the stream (with the information about the date and time, old and new field values and the user who made the revert).

History of record changes in the Stream

"Revisions" module allows you to track changes in post and comments in the stream. Select the arrow to summon a menu tracking changes to posts in a stream.

Changes in the Stream

User Functions

By design, user has access to the revision functionality for the field and attribute values only, but not the Stream.

Changing the History Pop-Up Display

In order to see the change history of a certain field, click the clock icon located in the top right corner of this field on the entity detail view page:

Revision Icon

Then the pop-up opens with the list of changes in this field, if any:

Revision List

The following data is displayed in the "List" pop-up:

  • the date and time of the change;
  • the user name who made the change;
  • the values of the field before (Old Value) and after (New Value) the change;
  • the locale name, if a multilingual field was changed.

To learn more about multilingual fields and locales please read here and here.

The be able to see the field history you need the editing right for this field.

Restoring of an Old Field / Attribute Value

To revert any change made to the audited field, click the Restore button for the desired change in the change history pop-up:

Restore in the pop-up

Additionally, change history tracking and value restoration are available for product attribute values. For this use the Show changes option from the single record actions drop-down menu of the desired attribute on the "Product attributes" panel:

Attributes tracking