Import Feeds HTTP Request

This module extends the functionality of the module Import Feeds and enables you to automate import process by importing files from a certain location on any (s)FTP Server.

Module Import Feeds is required for this module to work.

Creating HTTP Request feed

To create import feed using HTTP Request select HTTP Request as a Type. Then proceed as normal up to IMPORT DATA SETTINGS tab.

Selecting HTTP request


Although you import by HTTP protocol you will still need an example file for configurator to figure HTTP Request out. Use it as your guiding hand and select any of the standard file type. Then proceed as normal up to Request Offset option.

  • Request Offset – number of the first record that will be added. NOTE! First record is conted as 0
  • Request Limit – amount of records that will be added in one import job
  • Total Request Records - total value of imported records. If there are more then in Request Limit then multiple jobs will be done. In this example 20 jobs will be made to import all the values.

Selecting HTTP request

  • Method – select request method
  • URL * – select url where request will go
  • Request Body - body of your request.

Selecting HTTP request

Next steps

Proceed as normal. Use the data from example file to adjust configurator to your needs (this is all you need it for).