Export Feeds Remote File

This module extends the functionality of the module Export Feeds and enables you to automate export process by storing your exported files to a certain location on any (s)FTP Server.

Note that you will still need Export Feeds module to be installed.

Creating Remote File feed

To create remote file export feed select (s)FTP as a Type. You may need to adjust Maximum Number of Records per Iteration * option to limit the amount of records to be exported to one file.

Selecting HTTP request

Selecting HTTP request

Export Data Settings

Select a format you want data to be exported in. You can select CSV, XLS, JSON or XML. For JSON or XML there is a Template to be defined. After that fill the required fields.

  • Connection – select established connections or create a new one
  • File path * – select url where request will go.


Connection menu

Here you can select established connections or create a new one. Use name, Host and Port to locate it and User and Password (of your database) for the system to get access to it.