Import Feeds Database

This module extends the functionality of the module Import Feeds and enables you to automate import process by importing files from a certain database in the web.

Module Import Feeds is required for this module to work.

Importing database

To import database go to Import Feeds and select Create Import Feed option. There select Database type. Proseed threw other steps as usual untill IMPORT DATA SETTINGS tab.


Import data settings tab

Here you have to first select Connection - select existing or create one.

Header Row, Field Delimiter * and Text Qualifier * are the same as in all import feeds. Proceed threw them as usual.

Query * is an SQL request to your database. Use it to select information you want to get.


Connection menu

Here you can select established connections or create a new one. Use name, Host and Port to locate it and User and Password (of your database) for the system to get access to it.